What We Do

Las Vegas Talent is your online website for engaging the top performers in all major categories for your events and promotions. The staff at Las Vegas Talent will review your request and not only give pricing, availability, and in some cases, the confirmability on some bigger names, in order to save time on the selection process.

The booking agents at Las Vegas Talent are experts in helping with major endorsement talent also. If you are interested in Performer options for a specific industry, well known names in the media, business or top international names, Las Vegas Talent is your connection.

How We Do It

Here are a few examples of famous talent we can book for your Las Vegas Event:

Our Clients

Our clients range from fans, wealthy individuals, and professionals, to small and major businesses and corporations, healthcare providers, associations, governments, nonprofits, universities, fan clubs, and booster groups.

  • Apple Computer®
  • Smith and Associates®
  • Lancaster General Hospital®
  • World Science Forum®
  • Rolls Royce®
  • Canadian Tire Corporation®
  • Nasher Sculpture Museum®
  • Tacoma Goodwill®
  • Alberta Cancer Center®
  • Kiwanis International®
  • Iowa Health Foundation®
  • ... and more!

Our Team

Las Vegas Talent has been in the talent booking business for 20+ years. Our staff consists of seasoned professionals with the knowledge and expertise to qualify our clients, create the best fit, and manage the booking to everyone's satisfaction.

We have experts to help you match the right Performer in all major verticals. Our agents can suggest the top names that will best engage your audience and attendees.