Do Not Sell My Personal Information

For California residents regarding CCPA

Last updated: Jan 1st, 2020

This notice is in place as a mechanism for California residents to opt-out of the sale of their personally indefinable information.

As a matter of policy and by definition, Las Vegas Talent Booking Agency - a Nevada-based business, does NOT sell any personal information to any third-party for marketing or advertising purposes, or for any other reason.

Therefore as a CA resident, there is nothing to opt-out of, as it is not a part of our business practice or a means by which we "profit" in any way.

Should you still have questions about any personal data we may have collected about you from this website and may be stored in our possession and wish to request a report, request your data be deleted, or request to opt-out of the sale of that data (which we do not sell), you may email us here: